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Supporting the OSS Community

Tuxcoin is a cryptocurrency intended to support Open-Source Software projects. Tuxcoin is Proof-of-Work, utilizing the low-power consuming Allium algorithm. Support of OSS projects comes in the form of donations to projects that the community chooses and votes on. The project teams that receive donations are free to do with the cryptocurrency as they will. Our donations will further encourage OSS growth and adoption, which is a key component to our digital future. The Tuxcoin Development Team will set in motion a plan to donate to 5 projects on a monthly basis, all supported by the community.

Technical Information



Block Time

60 Seconds

Block Reward

69 TUX

Difficulty Retarget

Every Block
[ DGW ]


Every 420,690 Blocks

Max Supply

58 Million


Blockchain Development




OSS Community Integration

90% Complete

Exchange Listing


Getting Started

Buying Tuxcoin

If mining isn't to your liking or if you don't have a powerful enough PC, you can also buy TUX from an exchange.
Tuxcoin is currently on 1 exchanges:



(USDT pairing)

Donation Addresses

TUX: tux1q3tq4tk0e9myz3ex07msnfqnx0mnjlqdy5gz3v8